[squeak-dev] Re: 4.3 Release Schedule: Feature freeze today

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Nov 18 13:01:27 UTC 2011

On 18.11.2011, at 07:50, Marcel Taeumel wrote:

> Levente Uzonyi-2 wrote:
>> That repository will be created right before the release of Squeak 4.3.
> Why that late? I'm just curious if it wouldn't be better to do some
> "branching" right after feature-freeze. Bugfixes would have to be added to
> both repositories, trunk + 4.3, though. Hmm... maybe it's not that easy with
> Monticello/Squeaksource.

We don't want to branch for release. Release work happens on trunk.

The reasoning is that this way, *everyone* is testing and refining the release. If we branched, then there would only be a few people testing and working on that branch. 

The price we pay is that adding new features will have to wait for a few weeks (2 weeks of feature freeze, another 2 [perhaps less?] of code freeze). Given the small number of active developers this is a good trade-off.

Best of all, everyone will want the release out of the door ASAP so Happy Hacking can commence again ;)

- Bert -

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