[squeak-dev] [Q] help with requesting a html page

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 17:18:13 UTC 2011

HVNaughtieUsers? OK, so you're using HttpView2. 

Your code example is too low level in an HVHttpView2 app. That stuff is abstracted away. You won't see 

request propertyAt: 

in here


HttpView2 talks to Komanche for you. I'd look at the  HVSimpleForms>>#megaform2 example and look at stuff like this:

"Add a password."
	pass _ b br; br; html: 'Password: '; inputPassword.
	pass2 _ b br; html: 'Verify: '; inputPassword.

	(pass value isEmpty and: [pass2 value isEmpty]) ifFalse: [
		pass value = pass2 value
			ifTrue: [message value: '<b>Verified correctly!</b>']
			ifFalse: [message value: '<b>Verified incorrectly!</b>']].
	"Add two breaks and a submit button, end the form."
	button _ b br; br; submit: 'Hit me'.
	b endForm.

And in SMSqueakMapView>>#login:url: (in SMServer at Göran's repo) which has:

	b ifPost: [
		(requestedUrl value = (self prefix, '/login')) ifTrue:[requestedUrl value: self prefix].
		account _ model accountForUsername: username.
		account ifNil: [account _ model accountForEmail: username].
		account ifNil: [msg value: 'No account with that username or email!']
			ifNotNil: [
				account password isNil
					ifTrue: [msg value: 'First login should be done using the link provided in the confirmation email!']
					ifFalse: [
						(account correctPassword: password)
								KomSession current attributes at: #account put: account.
								^self redirectTo: requestedUrl value ]
								KomSession current attributes at: #failedAccount put: account.
								msg value: 'Wrong password - ', (b getLinkLocal: '/mailnewpassword' text: 'would you like a new one?') ]]]

Of course, you could try using a body of code that wasn't developed in Squeak 3.8. 


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