[squeak-dev] Balloon3D: not loading in trunk

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 14:18:36 UTC 2011

>What is wrong on using some old as long works ?
There's nothing wrong with using something as long as it works if you want to use an old image. I don't want the core developers
to be responsible for all things going forward.

>Balloon3D could be loaded with hard work and maybe if we can have it could have a new user.
That's the issue in a nutshell: who will do the hard work? I'm worried about managing expectations put
on core developers and the SOB.

>In short time he realize all you said is true and follow your advice. But if we don¹t take users wishes, could loose he.
People don't leave the community because somebody disagrees with them. I think people leave the community because
clear expectations and boundaries are not set. People leave because they smell apathy.

In the near future it will not be necessary to post to the message board to ask about this. There is
a plan longstanding about creating a smaller image and then having tests, a contract between core developers and application
developers about what can be expected to work in a trunk image. When that comes down (likely when Andreas comes back), then the issue
will present itself clearly: the maintainer of Balloon3D is not keeping up with contract with the core developers.

Clear policies energize a community.


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