[squeak-dev] Balloon3D: not loading in trunk

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 19:17:30 UTC 2011

Common  guys,
We are in Smalltalk!
it's easier to write 5 lines of code than these lengthy mails ;)


2011/10/4 Casimiro de Almeida Barreto <casimiro.barreto at gmail.com>:
> Problem with Balloon3D and some other obsolete packages is that compiler is
> not supporting things like # anymore. I guess that downloading VRML and
> editing #. to #'.' and then loading from local cache would "do the magic".
> Other way is to getting a clean and old image (10996 used to work) and then
> load Balloon3D via Monticello browser prior to updating image.
> Anyways, as many noted before, Balloon3D is not supported anymore. But there
> are similar problems while trying to load Tweak (compiler complaining about
> #. and other "forbidden symbols"). So, one thing that can be done is to load
> OpenCobalt "customise it" to your development needs. Problem is: everything
> works like PSP firmware: you update it with "non official" stuff (like
> update from trunk) and things start to fall apart.
> I guess it's a problem of not having "core classes" that are orthogonal and
> not supposed to be directly changed (I just can't understand this flaw,
> since the right stuff would be having a set of core classes and when changes
> are needed just subclass and do what's needed in the subclasses).
> Best regards,
> CdAB
> Em 04-10-2011 11:18, Chris Cunnington escreveu:
>>What is wrong on using some old as long works ?
> There's nothing wrong with using something as long as it works if you want
> to use an old image. I don't want the core developers
> to be responsible for all things going forward.
>>Balloon3D could be loaded with hard work and maybe if we can have it could
>> have a new user.
> That's the issue in a nutshell: who will do the hard work? I'm worried about
> managing expectations put
> on core developers and the SOB.
>>In short time he realize all you said is true and follow your advice. But
>> if we don¹t take users wishes, could loose he.
> People don't leave the community because somebody disagrees with them. I
> think people leave the community because
> clear expectations and boundaries are not set. People leave because they
> smell apathy.
> In the near future it will not be necessary to post to the message board to
> ask about this. There is
> a plan longstanding about creating a smaller image and then having tests, a
> contract between core developers and application
> developers about what can be expected to work in a trunk image. When that
> comes down (likely when Andreas comes back), then the issue
> will present itself clearly: the maintainer of Balloon3D is not keeping up
> with contract with the core developers.
> Clear policies energize a community.
> Chris

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