[squeak-dev] Alice Revival toma 2

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 08:57:39 UTC 2011

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'From Squeak4.2alpha of 2 October 2011 [latest update: #11712] on 5 October 2011 at 5:43:55 am'!

!Object methodsFor: 'objects from disk' stamp: 'edc 10/5/2011 05:43:11.619'!
saveOnFileNamed: aString 
	"Ask the user for a filename and save myself on a
	ReferenceStream file. Writes out the version and class structure.
	The file is fileIn-able. UniClasses will be filed out.
	This save objects as .obj"
	| aFileName fileStream |
	aString isEmpty
		ifTrue: [^ self error: 'name is missing'].
	aFileName := aString , '.obj'.
	fileStream := ReferenceStream fileNamed: aFileName .
	fileStream nextPut: self.
	fileStream close.
	! !

!Object class methodsFor: '*services-extras' stamp: 'edc 2/14/2008 08:24'!
fileReaderServicesForFile: fullName suffix: suffix
	| services |
	services _ OrderedCollection new.
	(fullName asLowercase endsWith: '.obj')
		ifTrue: [ services add: self serviceLoadObject ].
	^services! !

!Object class methodsFor: '*services-extras' stamp: 'edc 2/14/2008 08:26'!
"Answer a service for opening a saved Object"

	^ (SimpleServiceEntry 
		provider: self 
		label: 'saved Object'
		selector: #readAndInspect:
		description: 'open a Object'
		buttonLabel: 'object')
		argumentGetter: [:fileList | fileList readOnlyStream]! !

!Object class methodsFor: 'objects from disk' stamp: 'edc 7/1/2011 10:17'!
readAndInspect: inputStream
| o rr |
	rr _ ReferenceStream on: inputStream.
	o _ rr next.
	rr close.
	o inspect! !

!Object class reorganize!
('*SlangBrowser-VMMaker-Translation to C' asCString: asInlinedCString:)
('*VMMaker-plugin generation' ccg:emitLoadFor:from:on: ccg:generateCoerceToOopFrom:on: ccg:generateCoerceToValueFrom:on: ccg:prolog:expr:index: ccgCanConvertFrom: ccgDeclareCForVar:)
('*ma base additions' registerSelfAsFileReader)
('*ma object serialization' maInstancesRequireOwnBuffer maLoadVariableObjectFrom: maMaterializeFrom:using:)
('*magritte-model-accessing' description)
('*metacello-mc' lastMetacelloVersionLoad metacelloVersion:loads:)
('*services-extras' fileReaderServicesForFile:suffix: readCompressedObject: registeredServices serviceCompressedObject serviceLoadObject)
('class initialization' flushDependents flushEvents initialize initializeDependentsFields reInitializeDependentsFields)
('documentation' howToModifyPrimitives whatIsAPrimitive)
('file list services' fileReaderServicesForDirectory: services)
('instance creation' categoryForUniclasses chooseUniqueClassName initialInstance initializedInstance instanceOfUniqueClass instanceOfUniqueClassWithInstVarString:andClassInstVarString: isUniClass lookForClass: lookForClassIn3dot10: lookForClassIn3dot11: lookForClassIn3dot9: newFrom: newUniqueClassInstVars:classInstVars: newUserInstance readCarefullyFrom: readFrom:)
('objects from disk' createFrom:size:version: readAndInspect:)
('window color' windowColorSpecification)
('private' releaseExternalSettings)

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