[squeak-dev] The Trunk: ToolBuilder-Kernel-cmm.52.mcz

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 15:14:36 UTC 2011

Levente, can you be more clear in your argument?  To me, it looks like
Installer is broken _without_ this change, not with it.  You are
referring to Installer class>>#noProgressDuring: yes?

    [ block value: self ] on: ProgressInitiationException do: [ :note
| note resume ]

Where I see the expression, "note resume" I expect whatever code
signaled it to, well, *resume* on the next expression.  But "resume"
in this case does not "resume with nil" as you said, instead it aborts
and returns nil, since that's the defaultAction of Notification.  I
demonstrated this the other day, in my test case and now here:

	|executed | executed:=false.
	Installer noProgressDuring:
		[ : InstallerClass | 'block involves a progress bar'
		displayProgressFrom: 1 to: 10 during:
			[ : bar | executed:=true ] ].
	self assert: executed

To me, silently not running code I expect to be run, is the crime
being committed.

> Catching all Notifications and just resuming them is something that doesn't
> work, because there may be other handlers which expect to catch them, so you
> should #pass the notifications that you don't want to swallow. Using

I want to catch Notifications and Warnings at the highest level, log
them and resume.  If there was a lower-handler then my high-level
handler wouldn't get it.  I'm not understanding what point you're
making here..

> Notification instead of specific subclasses is also a bad idea unless you
> really want to process all notifications. Maybe we should raise an error
> when someone is trying to signal a Notification, because that class is just

I'm not signaling Notifications, I'm only catching (subclasses of)
them, and only at the very highest level.

> a marker and not something that should be used as a Notification (I could
> say it's abstract, but I don't like this term, because in Smalltalk it
> doesn't have a well-defined meaning).

Refactoring Engine considers an abstract class in Smalltalk as one
that has a method that sends #subclassResponsibility, which
Notification does not.

 - Chris

> Levente
>> =============== Diff against ToolBuilder-Kernel-dtl.51 ===============
>> Item was changed:
>>  ----- Method: ProgressInitiationException>>defaultAction (in category 'as
>> yet unclassified') -----
>>  defaultAction
>> +       self resume!
>> -
>> -       | result |
>> -       result := UIManager default
>> -               displayProgress: progressTitle
>> -               at: aPoint
>> -               from: minVal
>> -               to: maxVal
>> -               during: workBlock.
>> -       self resume: result!
>> Item was added:
>> + ----- Method: ProgressInitiationException>>defaultResumeValue (in
>> category 'as yet unclassified') -----
>> + defaultResumeValue
>> +       ^ UIManager default
>> +               displayProgress: progressTitle
>> +               at: aPoint
>> +               from: minVal
>> +               to: maxVal
>> +               during: workBlock!

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