[squeak-dev] Re: The Inbox: Kernel-ael.643.mcz

Aran Lunzer aranlunzer at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 23:30:24 UTC 2011


I just posted a one-method proposed change to EventSensor, as a way to
enable use of both yellow- and blue-button clicks in a Cog VM running
on Windows.


Running a Squeak image with Cog on Windows (for example, the 4.3alpha
image on Cog 4.0.0 of Oct 9, 2011) it seems there is no way to have
both yellow-click (e.g., context menu) and blue-click (e.g., halo)
available at the same time.

Without enabling either of the VM (F2) 1-button or 3-button mouse
settings, the behaviour of the right button of a 2-button mouse is
determined by the swapMouseButtons preference.

With swapMouseButtons enabled, the available clicks are

   Left:  red
   Ctrl-left:  [morphic menu]
   Alt-left: red
   Right: blue

With swapMouseButtons disabled, the only change is

   Right: yellow

On MacOS there is additional scope for configuration, through
info.plist.  But not on Windows.

Proposed fix:

It seems that what's needed is a call of mapButtons:modifiers: from
With this step included (for non-MacOS platforms only), we can obtain
the following mapping:

[swapMouseButtons disabled]

   Left: red
   Ctrl-left: [morphic menu]
   Alt-left: blue
   Right: yellow

...so finally we have a way to get blue *and* a way to get yellow
(with thanks to Bert Freudenberg for helping track down where the
mapping should be done).

What I don't understand is how other people have been doing this up to
now.  Surely there are some Windows users of Cog??

Aran Lunzer
Viewpoints Research

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