[squeak-dev] Re: [Pharo-project] [ANN] Shootout benchmarking copied to ss3

Serge Stinckwich serge.stinckwich at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 04:20:24 UTC 2012

Maybe you should do a package with all the benchmarks available for Smalltalk ?

On Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 12:06 AM, Nicolas Cellier
<nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com> wrote:
> These benchmarks are good, so I took the port of Eliot from Cog VMMaker and
> made a package of its own.
> Since I cannot create a new project on squeaksource, I decided to try SS3.
> See
> http://ss3.gemstone.com/ss/Shootout.html/
> http://ss3.gemstone.com/ss/Shootout.html/Wiki
> http://shootout.alioth.debian.org/u32/benchmark.php
> Nicolas

Serge Stinckwich
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