[squeak-dev] Bootstrap (was Smalltalk for small projects only)

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 03:55:09 UTC 2012

"If you compare building an automated bootstrap for Smalltalk
(I just did one for Newspeak over the last few days)"

Hi Eliot, 

If you could say something about this bootstrap for Newspeak, it would better inform Squeak's development. 
Or at lease better inform this apparatchik. :)


Clearly, you are not a fan of an image bootstrapped from external files using an external compiler. 
How is what you just did for Newspeak different?

" In Squeak the FFI, file system
and external process interfaces are really weak.  A good challenge would be
to reimplement ANT (a Java application) in Squeak/Pharo."

Apache Ant. A build tool. We use CMake. A build tool for making vms. 
I want to ask a question here, but I cannot, because I cannot see how that relates to FFI. 
I'm tempted to say you mean a build tool written in Smalltalk to grow  a bootstrap nubbin...  

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