[squeak-dev] Trying to undeerstand Morphic subclasses and step/stepAt:

Dave Mason dmason at mason-rose.ca
Sat Feb 4 17:33:14 UTC 2012


I want to build a morphic application (for algorithm animation) so I need to do something in the step method.

I wanted to make it a subclass of SystemWindow (I'd actually prefer StandardWindow in Pharo but there doesn't appear to be an equivalent in Squeak).  But when I do, the step method doesn't get called.  (Nor does stepAt:) (And StandardWindow behaves the same.).

But if I move it to MorphicModel step/stepAt: gets called, but I don't get any of that SystemWindow goodness.

I've looked at the dispatch in Morph, and I don't see anything different in Worldstate>>runLocalStepMethodIn: but this stuff is very difficult to debug, because there's asynchronous stuff running behind the scenes.  In particular, 
		lastStepMessage value: now.
	 	lastStepMessage ifNotNil: [...
is a little weird!

Any pointers appreciated.

Thanks  ../Dave

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