Election 2012 soon.... (Re: [squeak-dev] Craig is running for the board in 2012)

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Wed Feb 22 09:03:00 UTC 2012

...which kinda implies that the election process should be started :)

I will try to get some time to start it during the next 7 days - anyone 
care to help me? I confess that while I am still in this community (will 
be for life probably) I am getting more and more drawn over to Pharo, 
since that is what I now use for my private projects.

And this is a sidenote, but it would be interesting to hear from "board 
runners" about how Squeak should/could interoperate with Pharo. Because 
I fear starvation otherwise.

regards, Göran

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