[squeak-dev] re: Squeak/Pharo interoperability (was "Election 2012 soon...")

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Wed Feb 22 14:14:00 UTC 2012


     As a candidate for the 2012 board election, here are my thoughts
about Squeak/Pharo interoperability.

     I think the release object memories of both Squeak and Pharo (and
all the other Smalltalks) should be built from the same minimal Spoon
memory, extended by loading Naiad modules. Before release, the modules
supporting the bootstrapping features (like the remote messaging and
module systems) can be removed, and replaced by alternate frameworks
(e.g., rST or OpenTalk for remote messaging, and Monticello, Store,
Envy, etc. for modules).

     Spoon will be able to install its module support into the release
memory of any Smalltalk, so transferring code between any two Smalltalk
memories will be straightforward.

     I too am an enthusiastic developer and user of Pharo. I think Spoon
enables us to have multiple "distributions" of Squeak to suit various
technical, social, and political goals.



Craig Latta
+31   6 2757 7177
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