[squeak-dev] How to add packages to SqueakMap

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Thu Feb 23 05:15:46 UTC 2012

I tried to upload package to SqueakMap, but I couldn't find my package.
I uploaded the package though both map.squeak.org and Universe Editor.
The editor accepted my package, but I couldn't upload a release to my
and I couldn't see the packages in SqueakMap Catalog.
What happend?
My map.squeak.org id is KJO. and the description of the package is:

LightXmlRpc *Summary:* An light package (only client) that enables access
to XML-RPC and MetaWebLog
*Author:* Kang Jin-oh <jinoh67 at gmail.com>
*Owner:* Kang Jin-oh
*Co-maintainers:* *<None>*

   - Squeak<http://map.squeak.org/category/64b1b61e-b2b0-4807-8d88-f97e13a28fd9>-
The official distribution of Squeak.
   - Non official
Just a package for Squeak, no community guarantees. :)
   - Squeak4.3<http://map.squeak.org/category/ad6567c0-21fc-415c-90f2-024fc1c31ddd>-
To be released
   - Development
Add-on development tools for Squeak.
   - Squeak3.10<http://map.squeak.org/category/dfa939b0-0e52-4a71-b881-51fd0423bafb>-
Released 11 May 2008
   - SqueakL + MIT<http://map.squeak.org/category/6407ed26-57a7-4742-8dad-d827618a9dbf>-
Dual licensed under both SqueakL and MIT. This enables both base
   inclusion and 100% reuse. Recommended prior to 4.0.
   - Squeak versions<http://map.squeak.org/category/df573711-4924-4af7-a6e6-2ccaf8b1d2d6>-
List of official Squeak versions to indicate compatibility.
   - Squeak4.1<http://map.squeak.org/category/18e7ca84-ff86-457a-814a-2b81680a9b4b>-
Released 18th april 2010.
   - Stable<http://map.squeak.org/category/6ba57b6e-946a-4009-beaa-0ac93c08c5d1>-
Useable by all. Bugs are rare.
   - Squeak4.0<http://map.squeak.org/category/23672d5e-d23c-4474-9f0d-77337eae1d78>-
Released 15 Mar 2010
   - Squeak4.2<http://map.squeak.org/category/c9483b78-49a2-4c1e-aa9e-9024a3381abb>-
Released February 11th, 2011
   - MIT<http://map.squeak.org/category/1868441e-8653-4ca1-a04b-d0f501b24a8e>-
The MIT license is like BSD without the advertising clause. As free as
   gets, suitable for cross Smalltalk 100% reuse. The recommended license for
   Squeak since the 4.0 release.

*PackageInfo name:* LightXmlRpcClient
*RSS feed:*


An light and simple xml rpc client that supports XML-RPC.
This package only supports for client, but may support server later.
Supports SSL if you install Cryptography package and SSL package.

This is made by one people, and does not support official community. so try
it by yourself.
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