[squeak-dev] Some Community numbers

Alexander Lazarević laza at blobworks.com
Fri Feb 24 10:00:59 UTC 2012


Just some estimated[1] numbers[2]:

Currently 1013 people are actively subscribed to the squeak-dev mailing

Looking at the past year until now about 64 people have posted something at
least once per month on average (6% of active subscribers as of today).

The same for the last three months gives 51 people.

So any new Modulesystem or fancy Squeak Map Server gonna change that trend?

BTW, the Google+ Page attracted around 200 people. As with squeak-dev there
isn't too much going on.


[1] I didn't bother to filter/join crosspostings, commit messages nor
people with multiple e-mail addresses
[2] wget, grep, sed, uniq, sort, wc are my friends
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