[squeak-dev] mailing lists restored

Cees de Groot casedeg at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 20:00:08 UTC 2012

Randal is too nice - I screwed up, big time, during the transfer of squeakfoundation.org from GoDaddy to Gandi. My sincere apologies. Let's indeed make sure this doesn't happen again.


On 3 Jan, 2012, at 19:58 , Randal L. Schwartz wrote:

> If you get this message, the mailing lists have been restored.
> However, anything that was sent in the past 48 hours is almost certainly
> *lost*, and would have bounced back to the sender.
> Please resend.
> The board takes this outage seriously, and will be taking action to
> ensure that it won't repeat.  Well, not precisely the same way,
> anyway. :)
> Also, in part, blame SOPA and GoDaddy, which triggered some nameservice
> changes at the last minute.
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