[squeak-dev] Category to be ignored by Monticello?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Jan 4 13:28:24 UTC 2012

On 03.01.2012, at 19:39, Dave Mason wrote:

> I have some code that generates code on the fly in user classes.  I want them to stay in the image for efficiency reasons, but if the user class gets saved in Monticello, I don't want the generated code saved.  I can obviously put the methods in some particular category - say *auto*generated*do*not*save*. But after looking at Monticello for a bit, I can't find where it decides what to save - if, for example, it ignores things in other categories.
> Any help appreciated - either "Yes, it ignores *foo*bar* category", or "Here's where to look in Monticello"
> Thanks  ../Dave

There is an example for this in

	Preferences class>>compileAccessMethodForPreference:

It puts generated methods into "*autogenerated" and uses silent compilation which avoids notifying Monticello. That way the "autogenerated" package doesn't even show up in MC.

- Bert -

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