[squeak-dev] The broken user interrupt, or the saga of 100000 factorial.

Bob Arning arning315 at comcast.net
Fri Jan 6 22:08:22 UTC 2012


I tried this with a CogMT from the beginning of December.

1. 4.3 image with latest trunk updates
2. Removed comments in #openInterrupt:onProcess:
3. Evaluated 100000 factorial with cmd-p
4. Pressed cmd-period

Sometimes I get an interrupt in factorial (although not particularly 

- the SqueakDebug.log is written right away
- nothing else happens until the factorial prints out, then
- debugger appears on the WeakArray finalization process

Don't know why one happens vs the other.


On 1/6/12 8:54 AM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>> >  Do you mean that it still interrupts the finalization process first?
> No, I don't get a debugger to open at all, even if I press cmd-. multiple times. Do I need a later VM?
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