[squeak-dev] NativeBoost installation problems

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Sun Jan 8 21:02:38 UTC 2012

With Mac OS X Snow Leopard, running the pre-compiled NBCog with the 4.3 
image, I get Error: MNU Dictionary>>classSide   while running  
NBInstaller install. The error pops up during "Reshaping 

Wah. I really do want to do some tutorials about NB and related 
technologies. My little demo of a naive (and horribly cruddy) 
integration of OpenGL and the squeak IDE has gotten 100 views in the 
past 2.5 days, which means that about 10x as many people have watched it 
per day than any other video in my tutorial series. 

A demo of NativeBoost + GLDisplay + NB OpenGL would probably get even 
more views. If the speedup is as much as advertised, it might once again 
make Smalltalk the premier platform for prototyping new kinds of GUIs. 
My cruddy demo got "lots of potential" feedback from the Slashdot 
moderators when I submitted it. A demo of  a fully working 
implementation + some simple 3D widgets working within the 2D 
environment might get a full slashdot treatment.


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