Re: [squeak-dev] Squeak Oversight Board minutes – 01/17/12

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Wed Jan 18 19:22:29 UTC 2012


I am just gearing up for a new release of Metacello (1.0-beta.32) addressing a pretty big list of issues[1], so if you could provide me with more details on the type of information you'd like to see and the way you'd like to access it, it's very likely that you would see the fruits of your feedback Real Soon Now ....



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| Squeak Oversight Board minutes – 01/17/12
| Attending: Chris Muller, Colin Putney, Levente Uzonyi, Chris
| Cunnington
|     * -- it was agreed that was nice to see Eliot exploring the
|     SqueakCore image, as we hope this is a direction the community
|     will take up
|     * -- a long conversation was had about how to distribute the next
|     version of OmniBrowser, as existing tools don’t seem quite right
|     * -- a long Installer script could be written, but that meant
|     every version would have its own, and managing them would be a
|     nuisance
|     * -- Metacello was seen as good, but that it would be better if
|     the metadata/dependency info could be accessible; so you could
|     ask questions of the metadata
|     * -- the difference between the needs of users and developers was
|     raised
|     * -- the next OmniBrowser will have around 30 packages to
|     co-ordinate and likely more
|     * -- Colin’s working on a DSL and tool to manage the task for his
|     own personal use: a tool that reads a spec and creates an
|     Installer script
|     * -- Levente suggested a tool to read a Metacello configuration
|     to make a spec to feed into Colin’s tool and then produce an
|     Installer script
|     * -- it was mentioned that a build server factors into these
|     problems and could assist the process

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