[squeak-dev] speeding up copying World using dirty rectangles?

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Fri Jan 20 17:15:16 UTC 2012

in my Gui to OpenGL code, I'm doing a very naive procedure to copy the 
World to an OpenGL at every #step. I know that there's many ways to 
speed this up (I get only 10fps with a saturated core when I do it the 
simplest way). Suggestsion on how to make the following more efficient? 


     |format form  tempTextures|

     pasteUpFormCanvas ifNil: [^self].
     self hide.
     myPasteUp fullDrawOn: pasteUpFormCanvas.
     self show.
     form := pasteUpFormCanvas form.
     fPUWidth := form width.
     fPUHeight := form height.

     tempTextures := WordArray with:   (textureIntNames at: 1).
     ogl glDeleteTextures: 1 with: tempTextures.
     ogl glBindTexture: GLTexture2d with: (textureIntNames at: 1).
     ogl checkForError.
     format := ogl textureInternalFormat.

     ogl glEnable: GLTexture2d.

     ogl glTexParameteri: GLTexture2d with: GLTextureMinFilter with: 
     ogl glTexParameteri: GLTexture2d with: GLTextureMagFilter with: 

     ogl glTexImage2D: GLTexture2d
             with: 0
             with: format
             with: form width
             with: form height
             with: 0
             with: ogl texturePixelFormat
             with: ogl texturePixelType
             with: form bits.

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