[squeak-dev] ANN: OpenGL + NativeBoost + Mac ==> success

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Mon Jan 23 04:27:44 UTC 2012

On 1/22/12 4:33 PM, Igor Stasenko wrote:
> On 22 January 2012 21:29, karl ramberg<karlramberg at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Nice looking.
> btw, on recorded video the font glyph having rough edges..
> look's like Lawson's GL engine doesn't supports a shader which is
> responsible for rendering smooth edges.
> but again it was demo to show that you can do things with opengl..,
> not to show that to make it work everywhere,
> you have to spend many torturing sessions trying to support various
> graphic cards vendors
> and their drivers while still keeping your rendering approach in mind :).
And this comes back to a very important point about Smalltalk-based 
development: it is easier and faster to do the torturing sessions using 
an integrated development environment with immediate feedback...

People have been saying that no-one would want to use Smalltalk unless 
you can show them a situation where you can accomplish something that 
can't be done in another language. Obviously that is not possible since 
all Turing Complete languages can everything.

BUT, showing how the environment facilitates development IS a real 
Smalltalk/Squeak/Pharo advantage.

I'm not an OpenGL guru. I'm barely a beginner. My knowledge level is the 
level I acquired by porting the NeHe tutorials. But I should be able to 
create some killer demos with a little help.


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