[squeak-dev] Garbage Collection visualization for Squeak VM

Crazy Java crazyjavahacking at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 09:52:46 UTC 2012

Hi Squeak VM guys,

few weeks ago I was chatting with some of you on the IRC channel about
GCSpy. GCSpy is a Garbage Collection visualization tool written in Java
(currently a little bit outdated). It consists of 2 parts: server (which
has a C/C++ connector to the VM implementation) and client (java
application). Because of this demarcation, it is not tight to any specific
VM or language. I am working on its rewrite and currently gathering ideas
what could be improved (architecture, code, abstractions, ...).

If you are interested in, I wrote a document about the proposed changes and
I am looking for further ideas. It will be great if you can provide any
kind of feedback (general as well as what will be nice to add according to
Squeak VM, ...).


Martin Skurla
Software Engineer
Email: crazyjavahacking at gmail.com
Blog: crazyjavahacking.org
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