[squeak-dev] Building Cog with vm-display-fbdev

Michael J. Zeder post at michael-j-zeder.de
Sun Jan 29 18:31:39 UTC 2012

hello everbody,

I want to build the CogVM (latest revision from squeakvm.org/svn/branches/Cog),
but with the vm-display-fbdev module (for linux framebuffer device) as default.

Now I am a bit stuck in understanding the make process. Just leaving out the "--without-vm-display-fbdev" as argument to the configure script does not lead to it being included in the compile process.
Also I don't find the exact location in the scripts, where to tell that the vm-display-fbdev should not only be included, but shall also replace the default display-X11-module.

Thanks for your help,
best regards

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