[squeak-dev] alternate base libraries was Re: Smalltalk for small projects only?

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Sun Jan 29 22:22:13 UTC 2012

Karl Ramberg wrote:
> It's hard enough to bring in stuff from Squeak
> Source but to keep code up to date on current images is painful. Especially
> if you don't own and can commit code to the Squeak Source project. I sadly
> often give up on using code because of that.

Wow! I didn't suspect that one cause of bitrot was so simple.
SqueakSource is much easier to deal with than its Squeak predecessors,
and it is easy to create a local or public clone where you can keep a
sane set of patches until the project owner adopts them.

Is the problem perhaps the sequential nature of loading source into an
image? (I may be doing it wrongly, but I often find I try deal with
conflicts while a library loads, before I get a chance to fully grok
it and figure out a sane way to resolve missing dependencies, name
changes and so on. I may be much quicker than Karl to give up.)

Another 2p with a similar caveat. David

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