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Tue Jan 31 18:17:58 UTC 2012

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> Dear Niall,
> Thanks for comprehensive report, the biggest project reported so far.
> I forwarded it to Squeak and Pharo mailing lists.
> Has anyone data for other big Smalltalk projects/systems, like OOCL
> etc?

OOCL has 2 smalltalk projects
The small one with 2,200 classes and 2 developers

The larger one ranged from 20-50 developers (my guess), and currently
has 24,000 classes.  And the last time it was measured (a few years ago)
we had around 8million lines of code.

And my own personal $0.02 on productivity:
One place I worked at as a contractor was a java shop.  I was just
learning java, so my skills at that time were lousy.  We had a small
project to do, and I managed to get 2 weeks of time from the local java
expert.  She came highly recommended by everyone, and after watching her
work, she was in deed VERY good.  After 2 weeks of struggle, we failed
to finish the project.
Afterwards, I sat down and did the project in visualworks ( from
scratch)  in 1 day.

Experience matters, but using the right tool for the job is where its at.

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