Not the answer you wanted Re: [squeak-dev] Looking for Squeak-80

David Corking lists at
Fri Jul 6 10:42:48 UTC 2012

Blake McBride wrote:
> Having a number of business-like examples like modeless and modal
> dialogs, controls, grids, etc. would be really great.  This way people could
> easily start using Squeak at work.  A book, "Business applications with
> Squeak" is needed.

I am sure you are right. However it seems the pointy-haired bosses
(like me) seem to want to give users web applications for this
purpose(*), which suggests to me that the publishing community might
not follow your suggestion.

Have you looked for out-of-print books on the other Smalltalk-80 /
ANSI Smalltalk dialects?


p.s. * For business apps for the web, see the documentation for your
choice of a combination of AIDA/Web, Seaside,
jQuery/MooTools/Prototype ... (The proliferation of books on
Javascript UI libraries seems to suggest that in the minds of bosses
and publishers, novelty is more important than usefulness or
originality, though V8, SpiderMonkey, WebKit and IE9 have their role
to play.)

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