[squeak-dev] Looking for Squeak-80

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 15:25:52 UTC 2012

> I have been following Squeak for years but have been intimidated by its
> complexity (projects, worlds, morphic, etc.).  I'd love to see a scaled down
> Squeak that simply attempts to provide Smalltalk-80 as originally defined in
> the original books.  It doesn't have to be utterly exact but much simpler
> than what is provided in full-blown squeak.  I was just wondering if there
> is any stripped down version like this.  (Not just stripped down but very
> similar to the original smalltalk-80)

If you can develop a basic domain model in Smalltalk, then you can use
Maui to rapidly prototype a UI using only drag-and-drop assembly of
messages on panels, to operate on that domain model.  You don't have
to write any UI code (but you can if you want for special enhancement
of your app).  The messages you drop onto panels, when invoked,
produce other panels which, themselves, can be used as input to other
messages.  IOW, all outputs are also inputs, which makes for a
powerful and flexible UI.

Here is a video showing what a professionally-developed Maui
application can look like (starting at time index 32:00):


An introductory video about Maui.


> On another note, in the past I spent a small amount of time trying to figure
> out how to write a business application (data entry dialogs, etc.) with
> squeak.  I purchased the available squeak books but had no luck.  They all
> show how to do a bunch of fancy graphic maneuvers but none showed how to
> create a dialog with controls.  (Granted, I didn't spend too much time with
> it.)  Having a number of business-like examples like modeless and modal
> dialogs, controls, grids, etc. would be really great.  This way people could
> easily start using Squeak at work.  A book, "Business applications with
> Squeak" is needed.
> Thanks.
> Blake McBride

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