[squeak-dev] Bug Fix and a Question concerning DateAndTime in Kernal-Chronology

JohnReed Maffeo aldeveron at graffiti.net
Tue Jul 10 02:04:11 UTC 2012

For the first time in many years I am de-lurking to submit a change to Squeak. My report and suggested fix is at http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php?id=7693. The change is a modification of the behavior of fromString: to interpret $Z as a valid time zone designator.

I am only posting this to the list for confirmation that I did the right thing using Mantis, and to ask a question about the name/behavior of the method asUTC in class DateAndTime.

The name asUTC makes me think that the parameter provided will be converted to the equivalent value at the zero time zone. Instead the method just converts the time zone offset to zero.

I am not sure what the intention revealing method name should be for the current behavior, but since asUTC and asLocal are already taken, I would like to suggest a set of methods to convert a given DateAndTime toUTC and toLocal. I think I could code them up with the appropriate tests and would welcome the challenge if there is any support for the suggestion.



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