[squeak-dev] Pharo icons have taken over my Mac

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 16:43:00 UTC 2012

I start many images with many different vms. For some reason my Mac has 
decided that every Squeak image should have the Pharo lighthouse image. 
It's been like that for months. It makes sense when I start Pharo 
images, but I'm starting a 3.8 image and it's starting to get to me. 
Stephan Marr's 1.7M MVC image, I'm pretty sure, is not a Pharo image. 
It's getting hard to look at the Squeak icons on the changes and sources 
files and then a Pharo icon on the image.

What have I done to my Mac to have this? Did I mess with a Plist or 

If there's a Mac wizard out there, perhaps you could tell me my why the 
Pharo icons are overriding the inherent icon for every Squeak image I have.



I'd suspect a nefarious plot, if I weren't more certain of my own 
ability to inadvertently create strange side effects while programming.

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