[squeak-dev] NativeBoost: perform 10, 000, 000 4096-digit additions fr1 := fr1 + fr1 in a loop in 1971 ms

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Sat Jul 14 06:36:40 UTC 2012

embedding assembler in Pharo method using NativeBoost



test code:

fr1 := GMPfrWrapper new.  "create new GNU mpfr floating point number"
fr1 prim_mpfr_prec_roundWithPrecision:4096 withRounding: 0.   "set to 
4096 digits of precision"
fr1 set_d: 1.           "set it to 1.0"

"perform 10,000,000 4096-digit  additions fr1 := fr1 + fr1 in a loop"
[fr1 test:10000000.] timeToRun    =>1971 ms


"function prototype: mpfr_add (mpzf_t gmpf, mpf_t op1, mpf_t op2)"

     <primitive: #primitiveNativeCall module: #NativeBoostPlugin>

     ^ NBFFICallout cdecl: #( void (mpfr_t gmpfr, ulong cnt))
     emitCall: [:gen | | asm  proxy smpfr scnt|
         asm := gen asm.
         proxy := gen proxy.

         "reserve temps for parameters passed in from Smalltalk"
         smpfr := gen reserveTemp.
         scnt := gen reserveTemp.

         "move parameters into temps"

                    mov: asm ESP ptr to:  asm EAX;
                  mov: asm EAX to: smpfr;   "gmpfr -> smpfr"
                    mov: asm ESP ptr + 4 to: asm EAX;
             mov: asm EAX to: scnt.  "cnt -> scnt"

                 "setup loop compare and jmp or push ECX and pass 
through to function call"
             mov: scnt to: asm ECX;
             label: #top;
             cmp: asm ECX with: 0;
             jz: #bottom;
             push: asm ECX.

         "call function"

         asm cdeclCall: [:call | | gmpfrAddFcnPtr |   "handles stack 

         "push function arguments (note, cdecl push order is from right 
to left ) "
             push: smpfr;
             push: smpfr;
             push: smpfr.

         "get a function address"
            gmpfrAddFcnPtr := self nbGetSymbolAddress: 'mpfr_add' 
module:self nbLibraryNameOrHandle.

         "put a function address into EAX, and call function "

            asm mov: gmpfrAddFcnPtr asUImm to: asm EAX.
            asm call: asm EAX.

     ] alignment: gen stackAlignment .

     "restore ECX and jump to top for test"

         pop: asm ECX;
         dec: asm ECX;
         jmp: #top.

     asm label: #bottom.


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