[squeak-dev] Installing Filetree

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Thu Jul 19 23:41:26 UTC 2012


Using FileTree is not getting away from Monticello ... FileTree implements a Monticello repository - all of the chewy goodness that is Monticello is preserved with FileTree. FileTree repositories are simple a different type of MCDirectoryRepository where the packages are stored in plain text (actually Utf8) files instead of zip.

The fact that plain text files/directories are used for storage of the packages means that you can use git/svn/mercurial or any of the myriad other SCMs to manage your Smalltalk source code. The plain text source means that you are not just storing binary blobs in the git/etc. repository.

Also because the packages are stored in plain text directory structure means that other Smalltalk dialects can easily work with the disk-based package structure transforming the package structure into whatever native package structure they happen to use. Right now there are more Smalltalk dialects that can share the FileTree package structure (after 6 months) than can share mcz files (after 6 years for Monticello).

I have been pushing git/GitHub, because GitHub offers superior collaboration tools and git gives you entree to GitHub, but the fact is that FileTree is entirely SCM neutral...


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| I am actually not a specialist in MontiCello This is exactly the
| reason why I want to switch to a standard version control system like
| git.
| Enough attempts and testing for today....
| --Hannes

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