[squeak-dev] Squeak release process - Thanks Frank!

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 14:45:47 UTC 2012

Hi Frank,

Thanks for volunteering to be the release leader for Squeak 4.4! It's 
going to be a great image. If you don't mind, I have a few ideas to make 
the process easier for you.

Take those details I gave you and divide them roughly into two groups: 
things that need to happen to the alpha; and, things to do with the 
release candidate.

It would be good if somebody fixed "Smalltalk appendChangesTo:", as it's 
broken. That way the image loses a few M and we'll use 
SqueakV4.4.changes instead of SqueakV4.1.changes. That would be nice.

Do the image building in public. Do an image a week. Six revs, it's 
Labour Day, and we have a Squeak4.4 release.

I ran through the image building process over and over with the members 
of the SOB watching. How about the whole community? There is no reason 
this needs to be a secret process. Is there? And it will take a lot of 
weight from you. Let people test, poke, etc.

That combined with producing a weekly image shouldn't be too onerous a 
process. There is one thing you need to keep for yourself, though.

Save the desktop pattern as something you choose. You may balk, but it 
will be satisfying to see YouTube videos with that pattern. It will 
compensate for the moments you felt abandoned to a thankless task.

One more thing. You can release Squeak4.4 or you can be a nice guy. 
Don't try to do both at once. At some point you'll need to enact 
executive privilege and say no. There's always Squeak 4.5.



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