[squeak-dev] SqueakMap question

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sun Jul 22 14:53:14 UTC 2012

I am trying to add a new SqueakMap entry for VMMaker for a 'head' release
in order to simplify loading VMMaker in Squeak 4.3. Tim Rowledge added me
as co-maintainer on the SqueakMap account yesterday, so I should have the
proper access now.

I am trying to create the release from Squeak (a SMReleaseBrowser that I
open from the SqueakMap Package Loader). When I try to save the new entry,
I get an error that seems to indicate that SqueakMap does not think that my
dtl account has access to the VMMaker project. But from the map.squeak.org
web site, I am shown as co-maintainer of VMMaker.

The failure is in SMReleaseBrowser>>savePackageRelease: with a response
from the server that includes the string 'This account has no package
with id 2e7f103e-22a6-470d-affe-54b1d04ef34a'.

I cannot figure out what is wrong here. Maybe it's a caching problem of
some sort, since Tim just added me to the project within the last day?
Any ideas?

Attached is a screen shot of the entry I am trying to make.


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