[squeak-dev] some quick and dirty sites

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 20:37:45 UTC 2012




I have three sites here. The first two are the same class (GNHelloWorld) 
served from different environments of a single image. I tried to load 
Altitude into the Environments image and it will not go in no way no 
how. WebClient and GreenNeon do, though, using Monticello.

The third site is a quick Altitude site. The movie appears for me in 
Chrome and Safari, but not in Firefox or Opera. The gray gradients work 
and don't work in the same browsers.

You will notice the Counter Page link, which when you roll over it 
creates a suitable url. It does not work. Altitude's relationship 
between paths and resources is very versatile and I haven't got the hang 
of it yet. So I can't link to the other page. Works on localhost ...

Xtreams from the 2010 ESUG video I watched has this ability to 
layer/stack streams. This makes encoding trivial. It's impressive.

Altitude has things called endpoints and relays (not to be confused with 
terminals and transforms), which I think point to the main purpose of 
Altitude - remote messaging. For surgery on an image to pare it down 
megabyte by megabyte. Or, consider an image as a single object. Then the 
image/objects  send each other messages in the cloud. No polling. 
Pushing. As described by Tony Garnock Jones.

TGJ's pages on the topic is linked above. As well as the code I used for 
the alt.16r.ca site. From the vantage point of Altitude's main purpose 
being remote messaging, websites are incidental.


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