[squeak-dev] ContextPart >> #methodSelector

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 20:53:56 UTC 2012

ChangeRecord >> #methodSelector messes with the searching, but it
looks like the sole usage of ContextPart's one is, oddly enough,
ColoredCodeStream class >> #initialize:

	#(	(temporaryVariable blue italic)
		(methodArgument blue normal)
		(methodSelector black bold) "<-- here we go"
		(blockArgument red normal)
		(comment brown normal)
		(variable magenta normal)
		(literal	orange normal)
		(keyword darkGray bold)
		(prefixKeyword veryDarkGray bold)
		(setOrReturn black bold)) do:
			[:aTriplet |
				ST80ColorTable at: aTriplet first put: aTriplet allButFirst]

which is easily dealt with, using selector instead.



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