[squeak-dev] Daily Commit Log

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Wed Jul 25 23:55:06 UTC 2012

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: Tools-fbs.415
Ancestors: Tools-cmm.414

Mantis bug 7697: deleting a message from a MessageSet doesn't automatically select another message, breaking the flow when, say, deleting a large number of messages.



Name: Tools-fbs.417
Ancestors: Tools-fbs.415

Fix for Mantis issue 7699: deleting a system category causes a jarring leap to the top of the category list.



Name: ToolsTests-fbs.53
Ancestors: ToolsTests-ul.52

The selected system category is the full hyphenated name: 'Tools-Browser', not 'Browser'.



Name: Tools-fbs.418
Ancestors: Tools-fbs.417, Tools-cao.391

Remove redundant message selectedSystemCategoryName from PackagePaneBrowser since it's the same as that of the parent class.



Name: Tools-fbs.419
Ancestors: Tools-fbs.418

Merge Tools-ael.395 which has a fix to prevent the 'recent' facility in a Browser categories pane from discarding changes.

Not a merge because ael.395's ancestor is ael.394, on which I've asked a question on the list.


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