[squeak-dev] Trunk test status

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 09:55:12 UTC 2012

In a freshly updated trunk we have 3184 out of 3157 tests passing. We
have 16 expected failures, and 11 failures, the latter being:
* BecomeTest>>#testBecomeIdentityHash
* ExceptionTests>>#testHandlerFromAction
* LocaleTest>>#testLocaleChanged
* MCFileInTest>>#testStWriter
* MCMczInstallerTest>>#testInstallFromFile
* MCMczInstallerTest>>#testInstallFromStream
* PackageDependencyTest>>#testMultilingual
* PackageDependencyTest>>#testSystem
* RWBinaryOrTextStreamTest>>#testExisiting
* ReleaseTest>>#testNoObsoleteClasses
* SocketTest>>#testSendTimeout

ReleaseTest>>#testNoObsoleteClasses lists a bunch of what look to be
test artifacts: things like
AnObsoleteAutoGeneratedClassForTestingSystemChanges. ChangeHooksTest
and ClassRenameFixTest look to be the culprits. How do we make these
two guys not interfere with ReleaseTest? (Or, how do we nuke the
obsolete classes created by these guys?)

PackageDependencyTest>>#testExisiting [sic] and #testMultilingual
looks like they need updating. I don't know if these dependencies
SHOULD be there, but they ARE there. I'll fix them to reflect reality,
but if they shouldn't be there, please raise a Mantis report to remove
the dependency!

I suspect that SocketTest might well involve platform dependencies: it
fails on my machine, an Ubuntu Lucid Lynx running the latest Cog VM.

I'd really like to have a green test status before we ship 4.4, so I'm
asking for folks to take a look at the above tests (I'll do the
PackageDependencyTest ones) and see if anyone can make them green? And
then maybe, for bonus brownie points, see if we can reduce the number
of expected failures?



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