[squeak-dev] Trunk test status

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Thu Jul 26 10:59:24 UTC 2012

On Thu, 26 Jul 2012, Frank Shearar wrote:

> In a freshly updated trunk we have 3184 out of 3157 tests passing. We
> have 16 expected failures, and 11 failures, the latter being:
> * BecomeTest>>#testBecomeIdentityHash

This is failing due to a VM bug. There's a fix for it somewhere, but it 
seems like it's not integrated into Cog yet. Explore this to see that two 
consecutive objects share the same identityHash:

Array new: 10 streamContents: [ :stream |
 	1 to: 10 do: [ :e | stream nextPut: Object new identityHash ] ]

> * ExceptionTests>>#testHandlerFromAction

This is more like a feature request, the current exception handling 
mechanism doesn't work like this.

> * LocaleTest>>#testLocaleChanged

A bug introduced during the GetText integration.

> * MCFileInTest>>#testStWriter
> * MCMczInstallerTest>>#testInstallFromFile
> * MCMczInstallerTest>>#testInstallFromStream

Some old and funky MC issues, if you run the tests one or two more times,
they somehow pass.

> * PackageDependencyTest>>#testMultilingual

Looks okay, just update the dependencies.

> * PackageDependencyTest>>#testSystem

This one is a side effect of the GetText integration. Not sure if 
NaturalLanguageTranslator should use TextDomainManager or if it should be 
part of the System package. Also not sure about other dependencies here 

> * RWBinaryOrTextStreamTest>>#testExisiting

Another feature request, which changes the semantics of ReadWriteStream. 
Not implemented yet, because it breaks some code, so it requires a larger 

> * ReleaseTest>>#testNoObsoleteClasses

As you described, some TestCases hold references to obsolete classes and 
the TestRunner holds the reference to the TestCases.

> * SocketTest>>#testSendTimeout

Either a bug or just some network problem, works for me on windows.


> ReleaseTest>>#testNoObsoleteClasses lists a bunch of what look to be
> test artifacts: things like
> AnObsoleteAutoGeneratedClassForTestingSystemChanges. ChangeHooksTest
> and ClassRenameFixTest look to be the culprits. How do we make these
> two guys not interfere with ReleaseTest? (Or, how do we nuke the
> obsolete classes created by these guys?)
> PackageDependencyTest>>#testExisiting [sic] and #testMultilingual
> looks like they need updating. I don't know if these dependencies
> SHOULD be there, but they ARE there. I'll fix them to reflect reality,
> but if they shouldn't be there, please raise a Mantis report to remove
> the dependency!
> I suspect that SocketTest might well involve platform dependencies: it
> fails on my machine, an Ubuntu Lucid Lynx running the latest Cog VM.
> I'd really like to have a green test status before we ship 4.4, so I'm
> asking for folks to take a look at the above tests (I'll do the
> PackageDependencyTest ones) and see if anyone can make them green? And
> then maybe, for bonus brownie points, see if we can reduce the number
> of expected failures?
> Thanks!
> frank

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