[squeak-dev] Documentation/Comment per package

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 15:51:56 UTC 2012

> Done. Very straight-forward. Take a peek in the inbox, PackageInfo-Base-bf.65 and Monticello-bf.513.
> You need to press the "Scripts" button in MC to edit the comment. We can decide on a better label later.
> Yay/nay?

After thinking about it overnight I finally figured out my feeling
about PackageInfo objects:  I'm see them as a blank "canvas" for
authors to have great freedom to describe and introduce their packages
-- even doing multimedia capabilities in some cases.  I think this is
why I'm feeling a natural resistance to imposing a lot of structure
there.  I think some structure is good (like name, comment and
license) but comment alone is not nearly enough and so I think we
should make sure we keep PackageInfo "open" to many more attributes
than just name+comment.

I'm currently "Nay" on what we have in the Inbox because we don't have
a useful and intuitive way to *consume* the comment.  Bert's code is
more for just updating it.  People will not go to "scripts + comment"
just to read package comments.  Until that is addressed, I think the
enhancement in the Inbox does not add value exceeding its weight.

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