[squeak-dev] getting an image file to work

John Guenther john.guenther at comcast.net
Sat Sep 1 11:57:03 UTC 2012

I have a squeak VM that apparently works. When I click on squeak.exe it
opens a window with all kinds of windows with titles like welcome to squeak
4.3, future directions, etc.


I also have an image file called mediatools-v6.image.


I thought that I just had to drag and drop this image file to the squeak.exe
file and it would open and run the mediatools program, however when I do
this I get the same window with all the other windows mentioned above inside
it and I get an error message saying there is no content to install. In this
dialog box there are lots of other commands (at least that's what they look
like). I guess a sort of log of what squeak was doing.


Can anyone help me out? I'm totally new to squeak. I was just trying to use
the mediatools thing that was mentioned in a book.


Thanks in advance



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