[squeak-dev] Failing tests in trunk, gearing up for 4.4 release

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Thu Sep 6 04:58:44 UTC 2012

Am 05.09.2012 22:46, schrieb Frank Shearar:
> OK. You can download a zip of the repository from
> https://github.com/frankshearar/squeak-ci/zipball/master, if that's
> more convenient.

Ok I'll look from time to time until I find a Windows VM there.

> Those error tests are probably because of that thing Levente mentioned 
> earlier today: you have to mark your machine as being able to act as a 
> server. It's been a long while since I had a Windows box, so I'm 
> unfamiliar with the concept.

In Windows if you start a program that listens the firewall pops up and 
asks if it shall block that application or not. If you allow access, 
afaik the application is granted full access. So I'm puzzled because I 
run an Aida Webserver from this directory on this VM and in the firewall 
I find rules for the croquet.exe of the folder I run the tests in. But 
the socket tests fail because the socket cannot connect.

If in the meantime someone with more knowledge can hint on what to try 
with the windows firewall, I'll gladly listen, otherwise I'll go 
searching myself later. If nothing helps I'll take the computer from the 
network and disable the firewall.

I checked under XP in a VM and I don't get the socket test errors. Same 
procedure, start up a VM with a n image running a web server, grant 
access through the firewall, start the VM with the new image, run the tests.

Off to work maybe someone can shed some light on the Win7 firewall 



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