[squeak-dev] Windows 7 tests behaviour depending on image was: Re: [TestRunner] Windows 7 tests -- no longer weird behaviour

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Mon Sep 10 14:47:47 UTC 2012

On Sat, 8 Sep 2012, Herbert König wrote:

> Hi,
>> It's a zip of the working copy of the repository, so it will contain
>> several things that are _not_ in the zip produced by Jenkins. They're
>> the base images used by the scripts to build a fully up-to-date image.
>> Since you're interested in the zip mainly for the Cog VMs, I'd suggest
>> just ignoring the rest of the zip for the moment.
> As there was no new versions I just upgraded the trunk image in the zip to 
> 12211 and reran the tests.
> I tried to debug the socket issue.
> ArbitraryObjectSocketTestcase>>setUp calls NetNameResolver>>localHostAddress 
> which returns:
> fe80::64bb:69f6:38d0:b4bf%20(AldiLaptop1),0(0)
> As I have no knowledge about IPV6: is this a valid address? I'm used to 
> getting a ByteArray from this.

This is a link-local address, which was assigned by the OS automatically. 
Same as the 169.254.x.x in IPv4.

> Higher up the stack in
> Socket>>waitForConnectionFor: timeout ifTimedOut: timeoutBlock ifRefused: 
> refusedBlock
> the refusedBlock is evaluated which hints that the above address is ok but 
> it's still a firewall issue.
> Picture below is from the TCP firewall rule maybe I have to grant rights for 
> some of the IPV6 options?

Yes, that should do the trick, please try it.


> Anyway, we'd have to document this because my windows is "Out of the box" and 
> I use the standard interactive way to punch holes into the firewall like may 
> users will do.
> Any knowledgeable "Windowers" around?
> Thanks,
> Herbert

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