[squeak-dev] Unix 4.10.2-2593

Ian Piumarta piumarta at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 08:01:53 UTC 2012


Unix VM version 4.10.2-2593 is in the usual place: http://squeakvm.org/unix

Source plus binaries for: Linux-x86, MacOS/Darwin-x86, MacOS/Darwin-powerpc.

Thanks to Bert for helping iron out some issues with the Scratch plugins and to Dave for helping iron out some issues with VMMaker.



Interpreter source updated to the latest VMMaker 4.10.2.

Fixes to build process for compatibility with most recent subversion client and bizarre situations with uuid.h on some Linux distributions.

Obsolete autotools files removed.

New plugins for Scratch support: WeDoPlugin, CameraPlugin, ScratchPlugin.

Trailing NUL not included when copying strings into Squeak via locale.

Re-enable gcc optimisations for fdlibm (FloatMathPlugin).

SerialPlugin ensures descriptor close and enforces limit on max open ports.

UUIDPlugin refuses to load if uuid_generate() would cause a segmentation fault.

Mpeg3Plugin never uses pthreads.

Main window clips by children for the convenience of OpenGL subwindows.

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