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Mon Sep 17 01:53:15 UTC 2012

A new version of System was added to project The Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: System-ul.497
Author: ul
Time: 17 September 2012, 3:29:36.312 am
UUID: 5fc6961d-ec5a-574a-b8bc-ff498b30e066
Ancestors: System-ul.494

a possible fix for ClassRemovalTest >> #testClassRemovalAndRecompilcationWontCreateDuplicateVariableBindings

=============== Diff against System-ul.494 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SystemDictionary>>forgetClass:logged: (in category 'classes and traits') -----
  forgetClass: aClass logged: aBool 
  	"Delete the class, aClass, from the system.
  	Note that this doesn't do everything required to dispose of a class - to do that use Class>>removeFromSystem."
+ 	| binding |
  	aBool ifTrue: [SystemChangeNotifier uniqueInstance classRemoved: aClass fromCategory: aClass category].
  	self organization removeElement: aClass name.
  	Smalltalk removeFromStartUpList: aClass.
  	Smalltalk removeFromShutDownList: aClass.
+ 	binding := aClass isObsolete
+ 		ifFalse: [ self associationAt: aClass name ifAbsent: [ nil ] ]
+ 		ifTrue: [ nil ].
  	self removeKey: aClass name ifAbsent: [].
+ 	binding ifNotNil: [ binding recompileBindingsAnnouncing: true ]!
- 	self flushClassNameCache.!

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