[squeak-dev] References to a removed and reloaded class

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Thu Sep 20 18:28:08 UTC 2012


I found a bug recently which has the following symptoms:
- If you remove a class from the system, which is referenced from a 
method, then the method will keep a reference for the class, but the 
class will be obsolete.
- If you create a class with the same name, then the old references will 
still point to the old, obsolete class instead of the new one.
So there will be two bindings in the system using the same class name, but 
pointing to different classes.

In order to fix this bug, I came up with two ideas:
1) Recompile all methods which point to the old class when the class is 
removed. This helps, because the class will be undeclared at that point, 
so a new binding will be stored in Undeclared and the same binding will be 
used when the class is added again. The drawback of this solution is that 
it only fixes references in methods and it's slow, since it has to scan 
all methods in the system.
2) Create a new object (a datastructure) which points to the binding 
weakly and provides fast lookup by class name. Store the binding in this 
object when the class is removed and when a class is added, then check 
this object for existing bindings (besides Undeclared). This solution is 
fast, but more complicated than the previous one. But the same kind of
datastructure can be used to replace Undeclared, so it will not hold onto 
bindings unnecessarily and it won't have to be cleared manually.

I uploaded a few days ago System-ul.497.mcz to the Inbox which provides 
solution #1. There are ways to improve the performance of SystemNavigation 
>> #allCallsOn: by ~20%, so it will take only 20-40ms more to remove a 
class from the system, which might be good enough for now.

In 4.5 I'd like to implement solution #2 and replace Undeclared to work 
this way too, but I think for 4.4 we can live with solution #1. What do 
you think?


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