[squeak-dev] Why would you choose Squeak today?

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 13:34:23 UTC 2012

On 12-09-24 8:34 AM, Herbert König wrote:
> Hi Hernán
>> No flame war intended. Maybe this topic has been discussed on this 
>> list, but I've never found a satisfactory conclusion. With "today" I 
>> mean why to start a software project *from scratch* with Squeak?

I believe that human beings are more peaceful and fulfilled when they 
are able to try to realize their potential. This cannot happen without a 
spirit of intellectual freedom. Of the Smalltalks, Squeak is the 
community with the greatest interest in and respect for intellectual 
freedom. Pursuant of that the Etoys project endeavors to help the most 
number of people to realize their potential. It may sound high minded, 
but I see a inverse correlation between people's ability to realize 
their potential and the amount of war, rape, murder, and terror in the 
world. Intellectual freedom is required as a foundation.

Squeak is the Athens of Smalltalk. We are not the Sparta of Pharo or the 
Persian despots of Cincom. Sparta had its moments against Sparta, but if 
you visit it today, it's an empty field. As opposed to the Acropolis. 
Which of the two is more inspiring?

The question is simple. Do you want to be assimilated into a vision 
created by the managers of Cincom and Pharo? Or do you want to be 
assisted by means of software in realizing what is lying dormant inside 
of you?

The code is just the clay. It's the spirit that give is shape. Ours 
community is the most intellectually free.


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