[squeak-dev] Why would you choose Squeak today?

Hernán Morales Durand hernan.morales at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 19:05:26 UTC 2012

Guys thank you for the answers so far. It is good to see this feedback from
the community!


2012/9/24 Chris Cunnington <smalltalktelevision at gmail.com>

> On 12-09-24 8:34 AM, Herbert König wrote:
>> Hi Hernán
>>> No flame war intended. Maybe this topic has been discussed on this list,
>>> but I've never found a satisfactory conclusion. With "today" I mean why to
>>> start a software project *from scratch* with Squeak?
> I believe that human beings are more peaceful and fulfilled when they are
> able to try to realize their potential. This cannot happen without a spirit
> of intellectual freedom. Of the Smalltalks, Squeak is the community with
> the greatest interest in and respect for intellectual freedom. Pursuant of
> that the Etoys project endeavors to help the most number of people to
> realize their potential. It may sound high minded, but I see a inverse
> correlation between people's ability to realize their potential and the
> amount of war, rape, murder, and terror in the world. Intellectual freedom
> is required as a foundation.
> Squeak is the Athens of Smalltalk. We are not the Sparta of Pharo or the
> Persian despots of Cincom. Sparta had its moments against Sparta, but if
> you visit it today, it's an empty field. As opposed to the Acropolis. Which
> of the two is more inspiring?
> The question is simple. Do you want to be assimilated into a vision
> created by the managers of Cincom and Pharo? Or do you want to be assisted
> by means of software in realizing what is lying dormant inside of you?
> The code is just the clay. It's the spirit that give is shape. Ours
> community is the most intellectually free.
> Chris
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