[squeak-dev] [ANN] MCInfoProxy

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 17:10:29 UTC 2013

> I tried to rescue my image that got broken by choosing "flush cached versions". Manually downloaded Monticello-cmm.560.mcz, tried to merge in using a file list. Didn't help, because even merging needs access to the infos. And it's a pain in the neck to debug because just opening a debugger tries to materialize the proxy again which results in an error again.
> This is what I mean by "fragile" and "unneeded complexity".

Ok.  Since I've become comfortable debugging proxy issues in Magma for
so long, I had trouble understanding this at first.  I understand your
feelings now.

As I said yesterday, the issue you encountered was not only easy to
identify from your SqueakDebug.log, it was the issue predicted could
happen in my "Special Notes".  Although I think all ancestry should be
there, the reality is it didn't take along at all for you to find a
case where it wasn't -- and so it MUST handle that.

The improvement you suggested yesterday eliminates the expectation
that an older MCVersion need be in the repository.  It was a great
idea, I think it took care of that.  :)  Are you experiencing any
issues at all with MC.560?

And, I'll add the separate menu item so you'll be able to continue
flush Versions from cache and still keep in-memory Ancestry without
being required to have a network connection.

PS - It sounds like Levente's solution avoids Proxy's, but if it
changes the file format, there'd need to be a "commitment" because
it'd be harder to go back.  The Proxy way occurs just in memory, so we
can evaluate this for a while and easily upgrade or change to
something entirely different with no side effects.  My app is creating
hundreds of images, so I care about size right now.

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