[squeak-dev] When did Scratch diverge?

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Fri Jul 19 18:41:40 UTC 2013

Hi Edward,
thanks for taking an interest!
> I apologize if this seems like piling on. There is a lot to I18n.

Dang right it's complex! Especially if one has never had reason to take much interest in it before…

My major requirement is to support exactly as much as Scratch needs. I'd love to be able to be more precise but I don't yet understand enough to do that. Sure, I could hack in UTF8 & UTF32 classes from the old Scratch code but that isn't how to take advantage of what is (I hope) the more modern and better developed code in the new images.

To start with I guess I need to be pointed to some basic info about how Squeak now supports i18n so that I can at least learn some of the names.

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