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Thu Jul 25 07:41:05 UTC 2013

Frank Shearar uploaded a new version of MorphicExtras to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: MorphicExtras-fbs.118
Author: fbs
Time: 25 July 2013, 8:39:57.689 am
UUID: 7cd98303-7403-4c49-b7d2-179eb5c22903
Ancestors: MorphicExtras-fbs.117

SmalltalkImage current -> Smalltalk.

=============== Diff against MorphicExtras-fbs.117 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Flaps class>>newSqueakFlap (in category 'predefined flaps') -----
  	"Answer a new default 'Squeak' flap for the left edge of the screen"
  	| aFlap aFlapTab aButton aClock buttonColor anOffset bb aFont |
  	aFlap := PasteUpMorph newSticky borderWidth: 0.
  	aFlapTab := FlapTab new referent: aFlap.
  	aFlapTab setName: 'Squeak' translated edge: #left color: Color brown lighter lighter.
  	aFlapTab position: (0 @ ((Display height - aFlapTab height) // 2)).
  	aFlapTab setBalloonText: aFlapTab balloonTextForFlapsMenu.
  	aFlap cellInset: 14 at 14.
  	aFlap beFlap: true.
  	aFlap color: (Color brown muchLighter lighter "alpha: 0.3").
  	aFlap extent: 150 @ self currentWorld height.
  	aFlap layoutPolicy: TableLayout new.
  	aFlap wrapCentering: #topLeft.
  	aFlap layoutInset: 2.
  	aFlap listDirection: #topToBottom.
  	aFlap wrapDirection: #leftToRight.
  	"self addProjectNavigationButtonsTo: aFlap."
  	anOffset := 16.
  	aClock := ClockMorph newSticky.
  	aClock color: Color red.
  	aClock showSeconds: false.
  	aClock font: (TextStyle default fontAt: 3).
  	aClock step.
  	aClock setBalloonText: 'The time of day.  If you prefer to see seconds, check out my menu.' translated.
  	aFlap addCenteredAtBottom: aClock offset: anOffset.
  	buttonColor :=  Color cyan muchLighter.
+ 	bb := SimpleButtonMorph new target: Smalltalk.
- 	bb := SimpleButtonMorph new target: SmalltalkImage current.
  	bb color: buttonColor.
  	aButton := bb copy.
  	aButton actionSelector: #saveSession.
  	aButton setBalloonText: 'Make a complete snapshot of the current state of the image onto disk.' translated.
  	aButton label: 'save' translated font: (aFont := ScriptingSystem fontForTiles).
  	aFlap addCenteredAtBottom: aButton offset: anOffset.
  	aButton := bb copy target: Utilities.
  	aButton actionSelector: #updateFromServer.
  	aButton label: 'load code updates' translated font: aFont.
  	aButton color: buttonColor.
  	aButton setBalloonText: 'Check the Squeak server for any new code updates, and load any that are found.' translated.
  	aFlap addCenteredAtBottom: aButton offset: anOffset.
+ 	aButton := SimpleButtonMorph new target: Smalltalk; actionSelector: #aboutThisSystem;
- 	aButton := SimpleButtonMorph new target: SmalltalkImage current; actionSelector: #aboutThisSystem;
  		label: 'about this system' translated font: aFont.
  	aButton color: buttonColor.
  	aButton setBalloonText: 'click here to find out version information' translated.
  	aFlap addCenteredAtBottom: aButton offset: anOffset.
  	aFlap addCenteredAtBottom: (Preferences themeChoiceButtonOfColor: buttonColor font: aFont) offset: anOffset.
  	aButton := TrashCanMorph newSticky.
  	aFlap addCenteredAtBottom: aButton offset: anOffset.
  	aButton startStepping.
  	^ aFlapTab
  "Flaps replaceGlobalFlapwithID: 'Squeak' translated "!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ProjectNavigationMorph>>quitSqueak (in category 'the actions') -----
  	"Obtain a confirmation from the user, and if the answer is true, quite Squeak summarily"
  	(self confirm: 'Are you sure you want to Quit Squeak?' translated) ifFalse: [^ self].
+ 	Smalltalk snapshot: false andQuit: true
- 	SmalltalkImage current snapshot: false andQuit: true

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